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BOA Procedures
I would appreciate receiving any written procedures and/or forms you use for your Board of Adjustments processes. Also, please indicate if staff makes a recommendation on their written findings to the Board.
If you have process-type handouts for the public which explain the variance or BOA process, please include them
Thanks a bunch everyone.
Pepper mcClenahan
Which Counties now regulate Large Acre Subdivsions
Here is what I am trying to get at…..Before 2008, WY counties had no way to regulate subdivisions with lots large than 35 acres. In 2008 the legislature granted counties the authority to require developers to submit a subdivision plat for lots up to 140 acres.
Not sure how to best phrase the question…whether it should ask in first person or not. But here are the basic questions:

Which Wyoming counties have adopted the authority granted them by the 2008 state legislature to regulate Large Acreage Subdivisions and waht parcel size range is now being regulated?

John Heyneman