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This bill affects 9-8 which is Land Use Planning.
I am not sure what initiated interest in this statute. The amendment says that a local land use plan need not be consistent with any guidelines the (state land use) commission may have created and is not subject to the (state land use) commission’s review. I am not aware of what guidelines the  (state land use) commission may have created, but my understanding is there is no longer a land use commision.
I am not clear as to why a redundant definition of “local land use plan” was added in this article because it already exists in 9-8-102. Also I am a not certain as to why a definition of “zoning” is created here. The definition of zoning says it is limited to the context of 9-8 Article 3.
This would eliminate one tool that a municipality has to manage growth. This is a far reaching bill and a significant reduction in the ability of cities or towns to manage activities immediately adjacent to municipal boundaries. This bill also creates a strange annexation notification requirement for a municipality. I am unclear what initiated such a broad proposal. I am also not clear how communities across the state will be impacted in terms of which communities are using this and how they are using this.

Language removed (15-3-202b))

(b) The mayor has such jurisdiction as may be vested in him by ordinance:

(i) Over all places within five (5) miles of the corporate limits of the city for the enforcement of health, or quarantine ordinance and regulation thereof; and

(ii) In all matters excepting taxation within one-half (1/2) mile of the corporate limits of the city.