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County Zoning Certificates
 Albany County is currently looking at changing our “zoning certificate” process and I was wondering if you would entertain a quick question about your permit process. Currently, Albany County requires that a zoning certificate for all buildings be approved and signed by the Board of County Commissioners. Albany County has not adopted building codes so we require only the zoning certificate.

My question is whether your County requires Board approval for all zoning certificates/building permits (specifically for allowed uses)or has the Board delegated authority to your department to approve these permits?

Raising Application Fees

Our community (Glenrock) is looking at raising our application fees for Conditional Use Permits, BOA applications, plats, etc. We would like to get an general idea of what other communities are doing. Right now, our fees don’t even cover the publishing fees.

 Let`s help out our fellow planners! Do you have your fee schedule you can send to Glenrock? Advice? How did your community raise your fees? You email them at kdrummond@glenrock.org

Self Storage Approaches

Our Board of County Commissioners (Albany) have asked us to research and make a recommendation on how to handle self-storage units.

What we have is an owner of a self-storage company that is bringing in “pods” (connex container) and placing them on a cement pad for storage units. The units can be delivered to a client that loads it with items. Once it is loaded the unit is taken back to the storage area and put on the pad. According to our regulations, we require a zoning certificate for any structure placed, built or moved onto a parcel. This would be considered an accessory building and would require a $50.00 fee for each unit. This business owner has purchased 100 of these “pods”. Has any other county run into this situation? If so, how do you handle the zoning certificate fee?
Susan Adler
Albany County 




Susan Adler