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Zoning for a Transfer Station

Name: Sid Fox
City: Rawlins
Phone: 3073282614
Email: sidneyfox@carbonwy.com
Comments: Transfer Stations: Does your zoning or land use regulation include or permit solid waste transfer stations? If so, how do you evaluate (what criteria) and in what zone districts are they permitted or permitted by special or conditional use permits.
any other feedback appreciated.

Sid, We actually just rezoned our Transfer station to bring it into a compliant zone it was in Community Business. Our transfer station is where all the garbage trucks take the garbage from the routes then transfer it into semi truck to the dump. We fit a category called General Industrial which happened to be a CUP in the LI zone district. We could have also zoned it HI and the category would have been a permitted or by right use. General Industrial. An Industrial use where byproducts such as smoke, odor, dust or noise are not discernable from beyond the property boundary. Operations may require substantial commercial vehicle access for distribution and deliveries. Examples include large-scale non-animal food processing, commercial warehouses or wholesale distribution centers or energy industry services.
Comment By B Cammarata At 10/13/2014 10:21 AM
Laramie uses the CUP process and being permitted in some zoning districts allows for good control through the CUP process.
Comment By Derek Teini At 10/21/2014 7:58 PM
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