About WyoPASS

splitrockandsweetwater_riverCreated in 1971, the Wyoming Planning Association is an organization of professional and laymen planners who are involved in planning activities which affect the physical, economic, and social well being of Wyoming residents. The Association was formed for the purposes of advocating planning programs, to preserve the quality of life in Wyoming, to facilitate coordination and cooperation between planners, and to provide continuing education opportunities


  • To promote communication and cooperation among professionals, planning commission members and others involved directly or indirectly in the practice of planning.
  • To provide information to the public on planning issues.
  • To advocate planning programs which will preserve the quality of life in Wyoming.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues of common concern.
  • To provide opportunities for continuing education for planning practitioners.
  • To maintain and promote standards of professionalism among Wyoming Planners.

The Association is organized under Wyoming State Statutes as a non-profit corporation and is managed by a board of five directors elected by the general membership.

The Association also sponsors special education conferences and programs designed to assist planners in their efforts to broaden their knowledge and to keep up with the state of the art.

Membership in the Association is growing as planners and volunteers from public agencies and private consulting firms join together to better serve their constituents and clients and to avail themselves of the benefits of working together. The Association would be pleased to have you consider such membership!
For information on joining WYOPASS, see our join WYOPASS page.

Three permanent committees (legislative, conference/continuing education, and public information/membership) were created to carry out functions necessary to pursue these goals.

Legislative Committee
Purpose is to: review planning related legislative proposals; to recommend modifications to proposed legislation from the perspective of the professional planner; to provide WYOPASS membership with copies of proposed legislation, recommended modifications, and summarizing analysis of legislation; to poll WYOPASS membership as to its position concerning proposed legislation; and to keep the membership informed about progress of planning related bills in the State Legislature.  For information contact Sid Fox, the Committee Chair.

Conferences/Continuing Education Committee
Purpose is to arrange locations, dates, topics, and speakers for conferences; to publicize the conference and provide information about the conference to WYOPASS members and interested people; to develop a conference packet; to set conference registration fees with approval of the Board; and to develop and conduct planning courses, training and education programs for WYOPASS members and interested people. For information contact  Charles Bloom, the Committee Chair.

WYOPASS Brochure
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