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David Gertsch Planning Director Albany County
Joseph Wilmes Assistant Planner Albany County
Mike Scholl Planning & Economic Development Professional Ayres
Matt Ashby Urban Planner Ayres
Logan Ward Urban Planner Ayres
Christina Heigel Engineer Ayres
Nick Kruger Land Planner/GIS Manager Big Horn County
Clark Melinkovich Engineer Campbell County
Megan Nelms County Planner & Zoning Administrator Campbell County
Bob Jordan Planning Commissioner Campbell County
Kurt Siebenaler Planning Commissioner Campbell County
Todd Hildebrand Planning Commissioner Campbell County
Marc Matlick Planning Commissioner Campbell County
Harry Averett Planning Commissioner Campbell County
Richard "Rich" Wilson CCPZ Chairman Carbon County
Jay Grabow CCPZ Vice Chairman Carbon County
Diana Berger Member Carbon County
Joan McGraw Member Carbon County
O.R. Wille Member Carbon County
Marlin Johnson Planning Director Carbon County
Kristy Rowan Deputy Zoning Administrator Carbon County
Sarah Brugger Planner/GIS Specialist Carbon County
Liz Becher Community Development Director Casper
Craig Collins Associate Planner Casper
Fred Feth Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Susan Frank Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Terrry Wingerter Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Kenneth Bates Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Vickery Fales-Hall Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Chuck Davis Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Michael McIntosh Commissioner, P&Z Casper
Philip Griggs Planning Commissioner Cheyenne
Lisa Pafford Development Office - Assistant Director Cheyenne
Charles Bloom Planning and Development Director Cheyenne
Conner White Development Office - Planner Cheyenne
Seth Lloyd Development Office- Planner Cheyenne
Jean Vetter Parks & Greenway Planner Cheyenne
Greg Palmquist Planning Commission Cheyenne
Brian Terrell Planning Commission Cheyenne
James Bowers Planning Commission- Secretary Cheyenne
Erin Fagan Development Office - Planner Cheyenne
Sam Crowley Development Office- Senior Planner Cheyenne
Mark Christensen Planning Office- Planner Cheyenne
Jeremy Arneson Planning Commissioner Cheyenne
Phillip Regeski Planning Commissioner Cheyenne
Ted Gertsch Planning Commissioner Cheyenne
Thomas Mason MPO - Director Cheyenne MPO
Jillian Harris MPO - Senior Planner Cheyenne MPO
Todd Stowell City Planner Cody
Clara Chaffin Community Development Director Douglas
Jay Hancock Commissioner Douglas
Blake Palmer Commissioner Douglas
Robin Velasquez Planning Commissioner Douglas
Heidi McCullough Planning Technician Douglas
Becky Renstrom Commissioner Douglas
Dawn Worley Administrative Assistant III Evanston
Dean Barker City Engineer Evanston
DuWayne Jacobsen Senior Planner Evanston
Michael Day Planning Commission Evanston
Maryl Thompson Planning Commission Evanston
Robert Smith Planning Commission Evanston
Kimberly Begalla Planning Commission Evanston
Tim Ridenour Planning Commission Evanston
Rowdy Dean Planning Commission Evanston
Josh Rasnake Planning Commission Evanston
Steve Baumann Planning Director Fremont County
Clark Sanders Senior Planner Gillette
Meredith Duvall Planner Gillette
Amy Cox Planning and Zoning Administrator Green River
Paul Anthony Planning Director Jackson
Tyler Valentine Senior Planner Jackson
Tyler Sinclair Community Development Director Jackson
Tiffany Stolte Office Manager Jackson
Katelyn Page Associate Planner Jackson
Jim Waller County Planner Johnson County
Curt Newcomb Commission Member Johnson County
Julie Baker Commission Member Johnson County
Layne Qualm Commission Member Johnson County
Manny Rodriguez Commission Member Johnson County
Travis Pearson Commission Member Johnson County
Paul Knopf Owner Knopf
Derek Teini Planning Manager Laramie
Matthew Cox Associate Planner Laramie
Jeanette Fagnant Development Administrator Lincoln County
Steve Johnson Planning Director Lincoln County
Judy Rose Planning Technician Lincoln County
Eric Nelson Commissioner, P&Z Lincoln County
Tom Crank Commissioner, P&Z Lincoln County
Karen Anderson Commissioner, P&Z Lincoln County
Pam Price Commissioner, P&Z Lincoln County
Vince Kramer Commissioner, P&Z Lincoln County
Scott Radden Town Planner Mills
Trish Chavis Development - Planner Natrona County
Joy Hill Planning and Zoning Director Park County
Patti Umphlett Planner I Park County
Kim Dillivan Planner II Park County
Jenny Cramer Planning Technician Park County
Connie Carr Community Development Clerk Riverton
Lance Goede 2nd Vice Chairman Riverton
David Kellner Planning Commission 1st Vice Chairman Riverton
Robert Scheidemantel Planning Commission Chairman Riverton
Eric Carr Community Development Director Riverton
Wade Sanner Community Development Director Sheridan
Sue Goodman Planning Technician Sheridan
Mark Reid County Planner Sheridan County
Andrea Garrett Planning Assistant Sheridan County
Dennis Fornstrom County Planner Sublette County
Alan Huston Associate Planner Sublette County
Blake Greenhalgh Planning & Zoning Chair Sublette County
Chris Neubecker Planning and Building Department Director Teton County
Chandler Windom Associate Planner Teton County
Taylor Cook Associate Planner Teton County
Kristi Malone Planner Teton County
Hamilton Smith Principal Planner Teton County
Alexander Muromcew Planning Commissioner Teton County
Karen Rocky Planning Commissioner Teton County
Kasey Mateosky Planning Commissioner Teton County
Sue Lurie Planning Commissioner Teton County
Ryan Hostetter Senior Planner Teton County
Rian Rooney   Teton County
Devon Viehman Planning Commissioner Teton County
Gary Welling GIS Coordinator Uinta County
Kent Williams Planner Uinta County
Jeffrey Hamerlinck Director, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center University of Wyoming
Janet Schneider Administriative Asst. Wright
Ardie Hamn Commissioner, P&Z Wright
Jon Cossins Commissioner, P&Z Wright
Tim Boyd Commissioner, P&Z Wright
Ben Hoyt Commissioner, P&Z Wright
Cheryl Gulley Commissioner, P&Z Wright
Sara Dickey Statistics Team Lead WYDOT
Ed Fritz Policy & Planning Analyst WYDOT
Dan Kline Policy and Planning Supervisor WYDOT
Juli Monahan Senior Policy & Planning Analyst WYDOT
Edmund Waddell Senior Planner Y2