WYOPASS Webinar - GIS & Boundary Surveying - Video Available

Newsletter 2021

Lots of Tracts & Parcels? Let’s Spot the Difference!
1 CM Credit

Every day, planners across the state are utilizing surveys and maps and other land documents whose lingo we may not be all that familiar with. Why does a BLM survey have lots just like a subdivision plat? What is the difference between a survey parcel and a subdivided parcel? And really, how accurate are those GIS maps and photos? Join us for this informative session with Campbell County Surveyor Tony Kneivel. He will be giving a brief overview of survey history and terms, discuss the difference between lots, parcels and tracts and help guide the discussion around your questions. He will also review the use and accuracy of GIS parcel data and determining boundary lines.

This webinar took place May 13th @ Noon.