PC Training

The Spring Workshop is a
training workshop for
Planning Commissioners.
This is a free event for
WYOPASS Members and is
ususally held in April or May. 
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Library Material may be checked out
Other Books Available for Checkout 
  • Citizen’s Guide to Planning, 2nd Edition, 1979  (Herbert H. Smith)
  •  The Job of the Planning Commissioner, 3rd Edition, 1987  (Albert Solnit)
  •  Model Subdivision Regulations, 1975 (Robert H. Freilich & Peter S. Levi)
  • The Planning Commissioners Guide, 1984  (David J. Allor)
  • Rural and Small Town Planning, 1979  (Judith Getzels & Charles Thurow, Editors)
  • The Zoning Board Manual, 1984  (Frederick H. Bair, Jr.)
  • Welcome to the Commission! A guide for new members. 2000