Wyoming Zoning Toolkit

This toolkit for Wyoming communities was developed by Community Builders, Cascadia Partners, and the Wyoming Business Council. 


  1. Breaking The Code - A Toolkit for Wyoming Communities
    This is the "how to" and best practices guide for Wyoming communities to learn how to align local development codes with their housing goals.
  2. D.I.Y. Code Audit Step-by-Step Instructions
    We're including these instructions in both .pdf and powerpoint formats in case that is helpful for possible future trainings.
  3. D.I.Y. Code Audit Tool
    An Excel-based tool that communities can use to perform their own in-house code audits, including financial feasibility analysis of different housing scenarios.
  4. Lovell Code Study Finding & Recommendations
    Final report from the Lovell Code Audit Project, outlining the process, finding, and proposed code changes.
  5. Lander Code Analysis & Recommendations / Proposed Code Amendments
    In lieu of a final report, the Lander team chose instead to focus on formalizing proposed code changes and presenting amendments to the Planning Commission and City Council for approval. These contain information on the Lander Code Audit process and final recommendations. The additional word document contains the proposed amended code that was created by the project team, and that is being considered for adoption by Council this summer.